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– Enhance movability, suppleness, and recovery.
– Prevent lactic acid buildup, muscle soreness, and overexertion injuries.
– Alleviate back pain and discomfort.
– Ease muscle stiffness, strains, and tears.
– Treat arthritis, inflammation, and other conditions and injuries.

The LED Pad is a specialized system crafted to enhance both performance and recovery in horses. It is designed to prevent and treat various conditions, including tension, muscle stiffness, inflammation, back pain, and more, targeting the higher and lower neck, shoulders, chest, back, and croup. The system exclusively utilizes red, near-infrared, and infrared lights, omitting blue light for optimal effect and deep penetration.

Featuring a design with three adjustable buckles on each side, the LED Pad ensures a customizable fit for your horse. Additionally, it includes a long strap for use around the stomach or chest. Personalization options are available, offering free embroidery with your name or logo (not applicable to rental products).

Designed and produced in Sweden, the system is made from the most durable and exclusive materials developed for the equestrian world, guaranteeing top-tier quality.

In the package

  • One LED Pad
  • Two batteries with power level indicator
  • Two power switchers for easy turn ON/OFF
  • Two chargers
  • One strap with buckles
  • One bag
  • User manual

Treatment time: 5-10 minutes per area.

Please note that this is a made-to-order product, and a 2-4 weeks production time may apply (sometimes faster). Feel free to contact us if you require a specific delivery timeframe.

Additional information

5 kg
60 × 40 × 20 cm

660/670, 730, 810, 850 nm


79×103 cm

Number of lights:


Total output effect:

37.800 mW

Treatment time:

5 minutes per area


Four years

About the wavelengths:

Different wavelengths of light can penetrate tissues to different depths and affect the body's cells and tissues differently. We use exclusively red to infrared lights in our systems. All lights are within the optical window (no blue light), which are the wavelengths proven in scientific studies to have the best effect on the body.

About the effect:

The power is defined as the total energy emitted per unit of time and is typically measured in mW. This parameter is essential for determining the therapeutic dose of laser energy delivered to the treatment area.
mW2 is not typically measured in LLLT because it provides no additional information about the treatment. mW2 is a parameter used in physics to describe the intensity of radiation on a surface and may be relevant for other applications (e.g. fire).

Does the lights get warm?:

This system is made with an updated version of high-end cold laser light that doesn't get heated or warm, making the system safe and durable. The blood circulation will still increase, often leading to higher body temperature – especially when cold outside.

What happens if the product breaks?:

This updated system is made of the most high-end lights and materials, making it incredibly durable for the equestrian world. However, if anything happens anyway, we are always here to help. You have a four-year warranty that covers all production faults, and we always handle errands in-house in Sweden.

Care instructions:

The lights are water and dust resistant. All materials are easy to clean. Simply wipe off with a cloth or a slightly damp sponge. Remove any hair with a lint roller.

5 reviews for LED Pad

  1. Great effect and the horses loves it


  2. Är så otroligt nöjd med denna. Använt den frekvent i ett år och hästarna älskar den!

    Jennifer Reinhold

  3. Ger mjuka muskler & hästarna älskar det!


  4. Super att passformen är så bra att man verkligen kan använda den till så många olika delar av hästens kropp.
    Hästarna älskar den!


  5. Hästarna älskar produkten. Väldigt bra både före och efter ridningen. Minskar skaderisken då hästens är mer uppvärmd innan arbete samt återhämtade efter arbete 🔝⭐️

    Eva Danielsson

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